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Sheila Murphy Brian was an officer at SCA Promotions for 15 years — and to say the company flourished under her aegis is an understatement. She created, sold and implemented thousands of promotional contests, redemption programs and direct mail promotions that delivered enviable ROI even in the most difficult markets. Sheila and her husband, Bobby, were the “Power Pair” that ushered in a golden age of profitability for SCA Promotions. But that, as they say, is history. She’s currently putting her considerable knowledge and expertise to work for her newest enterprise, AGame Marketing.

As a veteran salesperson, Sheila is a founding member of the Dallas Chapter of the Promotional Marketing Association (PMA) and a sitting Board Member of the National PMA organization. “As exciting as it was at SCA, I’m convinced the best is yet to come,” she states. And why not? Sheila Brian has every reason to believe that her roster of past achievements is simply a benchmark for what’s in store with the newest, fastest and most innovative kid on the block for casino promotion, AGame.

Entering the sports industry by diversifying into athletic incentive contests was just one of Ms. Brian’s accomplishments. She has handled media advertising, direct mail promotions and redemption programs — all of which helped gain market share that outstripped competitor’s programs. When discussing AGame, she states, “This is just one more challenge that we’ll meet head on with the best and the brightest talent. I’m not worried — I’m excited. I think casino executives are going to be sitting up and taking note of our latest ideas to bolster ROI.” Of course they will. The climate is right for some innovative ideas and promotions that will bolster casino revenue with strategies that don’t just promise, but deliver, dramatically increased returns. And who better to trust than Sheila Brian? After all, she’s already delivered cutting-edge strategies and increased revenue time and again. AGame is one — very good — reason casino executives can start to relax about the future. It just got a lot brighter.